[Pdns-users] Simple script to fill a database with bogus DNS data

Roeland Nieuwenhuis trancer at trancer.nl
Sat Jan 5 20:30:50 UTC 2008

Hi all,

Today I had to create some bogus data for PowerDNS. Because I wasn't in 
the mood to enter all this data by hand I wrote a little script to take 
care of this task. The script is written in PHP5 and requires the mysqli 
extension to be loaded. What this script does is fill your database with 
by default 1500 domains with 7 records for each domain (SOA, NS, MX, 
domain A, www A, mail A, localhost A).

You can find the script at http://trancer.nl/php/pdns-filler.txt
A highlighted version can be found at http://trancer.nl/php/pdns-filler.phps

Hopefully this can be of use to anyone else.


Roeland Nieuwenhuis

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