[Pdns-users] poweradmin, back to life

Rejo Zenger pdns-users at subs.krikkit.nl
Fri Jan 4 10:19:41 UTC 2008

Hi there,

I have noticed there has been quite some talk about (the lack of) a
good webbased frontend to PowerDNS and more specificaly, PowerAdmin
replacements. Darren Ellis, for example, wrote:

 | I've recently had need to deploy a name server.  PowerDNS is my favorite
 | choice, but Poweradmin, also a favorite, seems to be a dead project, and
 | has lots of problems with PHP5.  At the moment, I'm using pdns-static
 | and the bind2 backend.  I really want to be using the gmysql backend
 | with a webgui.
 | I've googled for a replacement for PowerAdmin, but I'm not finding any.
 | [...]

I just wanted to notify those readers that I have embarked on an attempt
to bring the PowerAdmin project back to life. So, I have extended
theoriginal PowerAdmin code with full support for all zone types
(master, native and slave), support for supermasters for automatic
provisioning of slave zones, some major performance improvements,
multilanguage support and more. And, as I am not a coder, some bugs. :)

Please have a look at <https://code.krikkit.nl/poweradmin/> for some 
more details. Any help is appreciated. 

Hope this helps.

Rejo Zenger <rejo at zenger.nl> https://rejo.zenger.nl
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