[Pdns-users] Single PDNS Instance Listen on Multiple IPs?

Hugo van der Kooij hvdkooij at vanderkooij.org
Wed Feb 6 18:00:36 UTC 2008

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Nicholas Orr wrote:
| I want to run the following.
| Host 1 - USA
| eth0:0 = = ns10.dns.com
| eth0:1 = = ns20.dns.net
| eth0:2 = = ns30.dns.info
| eth0:3 = = ns40.dns.com.au
| Host 2 - AU
| eth0:0 = = ns11.dns.com
| eth0:1 = = ns21.dns.net
| eth0:2 = = ns31.dns.info
| eth0:3 = = ns41.dns.com.au
| Is PowerDNS able to run on the above?
| So on Host 1 which is a machine physically located in the USA
somewhere has:
|  - Single MySQL database 'pdns'
|  - Single instance of PowerDNS running - /etc/init.d/pdns start
|  - Responds to queries properly. If ns10.dns.com is not authoritative
| for ns20.dns.net and the query comes in on that IP ( pdns
| responds as such - not authoritative.

What is the big deal with all the addresses and such? Why not run a
single instance for all domains? I wouldn't even dare to guess the rate
of domains per nameserver on a global scale. Why can't you do so as well?

I though pdns was about simplicity. This is making things complex
without any benefit but with the added burden of IP adresses and such to

It isn't wrong but it seems illogical to me to make things this complex.


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