[Pdns-users] Status of poweradmin?

Duane duane at e164.org
Mon Feb 4 18:05:56 UTC 2008

Hugo van der Kooij wrote:

> But the annotated manual said there is an issue with the detection of
> some address forms in those routines. So it may not work as well as
> expected. I need to think on this a bit more and test it a lot before I
> submit patches.

IPv4 and IPv6 both follow fairly simple patterns that regex could be
used for if the other method is too hit and miss.

One gotcha though is IPv4 can be shortened just like IPv6 can eg 1..1,
although this is less common with IPv4 then IPv6 eg 3001::1

With respect to shortened prefixes there can be only one per IP address,
 but the shortened IPs is the only corner case I can think of that might
cause issues.


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