[Pdns-users] Single PDNS Instance Listen on Multiple IPs?

Nicholas Orr nicholas.orr at zxgen.net
Wed Feb 6 11:56:55 UTC 2008

I want to run the following.

Host 1 - USA
eth0:0 = = ns10.dns.com
eth0:1 = = ns20.dns.net
eth0:2 = = ns30.dns.info
eth0:3 = = ns40.dns.com.au

Host 2 - AU
eth0:0 = = ns11.dns.com
eth0:1 = = ns21.dns.net
eth0:2 = = ns31.dns.info
eth0:3 = = ns41.dns.com.au

Is PowerDNS able to run on the above?
So on Host 1 which is a machine physically located in the USA somewhere has:
 - Single MySQL database 'pdns'
 - Single instance of PowerDNS running - /etc/init.d/pdns start
 - Responds to queries properly. If ns10.dns.com is not authoritative
for ns20.dns.net and the query comes in on that IP ( pdns
responds as such - not authoritative.


I don't want to run 8 machines, I just want to run 4 - I've just given
2 here - pretty simple to figure out the next two...
I don't want to run multiple instance of pdns either as that doesn't
work very well for me - the box becomes really slow due to all the
memory being used...



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