[Pdns-users] PDNS 2.9.21 using LOTS of virtual memory...

Stephen Manchester smanches at craftyspace.com
Thu Sep 20 21:52:50 UTC 2007

I've been running PDNS server on CentOS 4.4 for about 3 months now.   
I've noticed that PDNS allocates a LOT of virtual memory as it's  
running, and never frees it up.  It can do this at an incredibly fast  
rate at times, as much as 2.9GB within 24 hours.  Has anyone seen  
this before and know why it might be happening?

Running PDNS server 2.9.21 with mysql backend installed from rpms  
directly from www.powerdns.com.
CentOS 4.4 one a dual DuoCore with 4GB ram.


Stephen Manchester

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