[Pdns-users] LDAP backend - multiple ldap-basedn statements ?

Andy Rabagliati andyr at wizzy.com
Tue May 29 14:14:55 UTC 2007

On Tue, 29 May 2007, Norbert Sendetzky wrote:

> Hi Andy
> >   The first (base o=ami-net) I run slurpd replication between 4 servers,
> >   and pdns on all.
> >   The second (base o=wizzy) I run between two servers.
> >   The zones are separate - aims.ac.za and wizzy.org.za
> >
> >   Can I have pdns answer queries for both zones ?
> Yes, you can but not via adding two BaseDNs to the same configuration. Using 
> one pdns instance for two LDAP trees does only work if these trees share the 
> same root.
> But you can use the virtual hosting facility of pdns to query two LDAP servers 
> with different configurations and trees.

But I only have one IP and one port 53 ..

This is intended to be a public nameserver.

Perhaps if I start the other one on another port / loopback, and point
to it as the "recursor" for the main instance, I can have the first be
authoritative for both zones ?

Cheers,   Andy!

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