[Pdns-users] ZoneAdmin 0.1-Beta5 release

Rudolph Bott rb at megabit.net
Thu May 17 22:17:04 UTC 2007

Hey folks,

unfortunatly the 0.1-beta4 version of ZoneAdmin contained some rather 
nasty bugs - so I quickly fixed them and advanced to 0.1-beta5! ;)

Regarding "amos.shapira at gmail.com"'s post:

No, I dont think I will include support for PostgreSQL anytime soon. 
This is mostly due to my lack of knowledge about Postgre, lack of time 
and the way ZoneAdmin has been programmed up to now.

Regarding "r.jansen at tiw.eu"'s post:

I removed the AUTO_INCREMENT values from the dumps...that just slipped 
in there by accident ;)

A real user authentication will be added soon (probably in the 0.2 
release). As the TODO file which comes with ZoneAdmin states, I'm 
planning on implementing some kind of ACL feature beginning with version 
0.3, which would allow assigning certain users or groups certain rights 
on some or a group of domains (which is probably what you're looking for).

One further notice: I haven't had the time yet to update the online demo 
- but that will follow soon! Meanwhile, the Bugtracker or Changelog at 
http://sf.net/projects/ZoneAdmin might give some hints of what has 
happened during the past two or three days ;)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / with kind regards

Rudolph Bott
Megabit Informationstechnik GmbH
Karstr.25  41068 Moenchengladbach  Tel:02161/30898-0  Fax:-18
AG MG HRB 10141, GF: Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Tillig, Michael Benten

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