[Pdns-users] 24 tickets were closed, new snapshot 998

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Sun Mar 25 19:00:35 UTC 2007

Hi everybody,

Heading up to 2.9.21, today saw the closing of 24 tickets. This is reflected
in snapshot 998, which is getting pretty close to release material.

The list of closed tickets + tickets includes:

 * everything related to multi-part TXT and SPF ('Domain key') records
 * zone2sql simply did not work in recent snapshots
 * sparse error logging by the built-in webserver
 * bind backend has problems immediately after notify
 * NAPTR mis-parsing
 * comment misparsing in TXT records
 * CNAME records to delegations didn't work

Additionally, this snapshot also contains all fixes reported yesterday for
the BIND backend.

For more details, see http://wiki.powerdns.com/cgi-bin/trac.fcgi/timeline

Please try snapshot 998 on http://svn.powerdns.com/snapshots/998 and report
if your issue is fixed.


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