[Pdns-users] [mh at 2fast.dk: strange behaviours in 2.9.20-8]

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Sat Mar 24 21:51:16 UTC 2007

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Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2007 22:11:53 +0200
From: Michael Holm <mh at 2fast.dk>
Subject: strange behaviours in 2.9.20-8

hi developers,
i found a possible bug in version 2.9.20-8, this is what i do.

$ pdns_control notify-host example.com <SLAVE IP>
this works without any kind of problem.

$ pdns_control notify-host 1.1.10.in-addr.arpa <SLAVE IP>
this will not work i get the following log on the slave:

Mar 24 19:36:40 Done launching threads, ready to distribute questions
Mar 24 19:36:45 Received NOTIFY for example.com from <MASTER IP> for
which we are not authoritative
Mar 24 19:36:45 Created new slave zone 'example.com' from supermaster
<MASTER IP>, queued axfr
Mar 24 19:36:45 gmysql Connection succesful
Mar 24 19:36:45 No serial for 'example.com' found - zone is missing?
Mar 24 19:36:45 AXFR started for 'example.com', transaction started
Mar 24 19:36:45 AXFR done for 'example.com', zone committed
Mar 24 19:36:57 Received NOTIFY for 1.1.10.in-addr.arpa from <MASTER IP>
for which we are not authoritative
Mar 24 19:36:57 Unable to find backend willing to host
1.1.10.in-addr.arpa for potential supermaster <MASTER IP>

if i manually insert the domain entry on the slave, it will
automatically update, as i expect it to do.

os: debian/gnu 4.0
backend: gmysql

my master is listed as supermaster on my slave. i have never found a
normal domain which does not automatically update.

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