[Pdns-users] Communicator thread stays in connect state?

Marc pdns.list at bhosted.nl
Fri Mar 9 11:44:41 UTC 2007

I don't know if I have to contact a MySQL list or this PowerDNS list, but
the communicator thread in my PowerDNS 2.9.20 on a mysql backend
installation stays in connect state. I had the wait_timeout setting for
mysql set to 60 seconds, but then pdns dies every minute because of losing
the mysql connectie in the communicator thread.

The exact mysql state for this thread is:

ID Gebruiker Host            Database Commando Tijd Status
4  pdns pdns     Connect  139  Reading from net --- 

Because I have raised the timeout to 1 day, the timeout now never occurs,
but this is a strang state for this connecties. Or not?

MySQL version is 4.1.14.



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