[Pdns-users] Suse Linux and MS SQL

Michael C. Gates michael at gatesadweb.com
Thu Jan 4 18:05:08 UTC 2007

I guess there is no type of ODBC driver for Suse Linux? That would be fine
for me. I just can't deal with the windows problems anymore. Obviously, I am
not a Unix/Linux pro...

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Michael C. Gates

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On Thu, Jan 04, 2007 at 11:13:50AM -0500, Michael C. Gates wrote:
> Great, I will try it out. So Suse Linux will work fine for PDNS? The 
> problem I am having is it is crashing every 15 minutes in windows. I 
> wrote a routine to restart it every half hour, but it is getting out 
> of hand now. It was

I don't think SQL Server support under Unix/Linux is actually working out of
the box.

It did work in the past but we never released the code, and it has since
become outdated.

It looks like it would take a few days to revive the UNIX based SQL Server
support, but we are very sure it will work great as we've done work with SQL
server from linux before.

Sadly, we don't get a lot of requests for SQL Server based PowerDNS, so it
is not very high on our agenda.

(btw, the windows version has an easier time as it accesses sqlserver
through the generic ODBC backend, but the windows version has other


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