[Pdns-users] Difference between serial in SQL domain table and SOA field

Bas van Schaik bas at tuxes.nl
Fri Feb 16 17:55:16 UTC 2007

bert hubert wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 16, 2007 at 06:26:22PM +0100, Bas van Schaik wrote:
>> Of course, I don't want to configure an IP-address there: the system
>> administrators of my slave domain might decide to change the IP-address
>> of their nameserver, which will break my configuration. Isn't it
>> possible to pass the hostname as a parameter here?
> No - it is very bad form for an authoritative nameserver to do DNS queries
> in order to function. It could lead to all kinds of bad things. In theory,
> the whole internet could melt down after a big power failure - you would
> need DNS to start the DNS! Unlikely, but it might happen.
> In general, authoritative nameservers rarely change names, and when they do,
> it is a big event, and people WILL let you know.
Hmm... I suppose you're right... Yes you are. Stupid of me! However,
thanks for you quick reply!

  -- Bas

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