[Pdns-users] mysql vs postgresql

Adam Cassar adam.cassar at netregistry.com.au
Mon Feb 5 00:45:20 UTC 2007

Not wanting to start a flame war - but I wanted to see which DB was
going to be best for our pdns database. 

Please note that is just an 'informal' test.

On a same of 100K zones and using the queryperf tool available with bind
(selecting each record from each zone) over a 10 minute run, both
untuned postgresql and mysql was able to handle around 2000 qps. 

After tuning both Postgresql and Mysql, I was able to reach 2500 qps on
Postgresql however mysql stayed at 2000 qps.

Pdns and the DB resided on the same machine, a P4 with 1GB of ram.
Queryperf was on a separate machine.

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