[Pdns-users] Frontend for PowerDNS ?!

Duane duane at e164.org
Thu Dec 20 23:10:07 UTC 2007

Jan-Piet Mens wrote:

> RFC 1034, section 3.6.2 specifies: "If a CNAME RR is present at a
> node, no other data should be present"
> If other data (say an A RR) is present, BIND refuses (correctly) to
> transfer the zone.

So the problem isn't with CNAME records, but people doing stupid things
and so of course one solution is to prevent them from having CNAMEs,
wouldn't it just make more sense to have triggers or something in the
database prevent people from shooting themselves in the foot rather then
reducing features?

> I certainly have, in cases where users erroneously add a CNAME to a
> record that already exists. BIND tries again and again, and then of
> course, expires the zone. 

Perhaps I learnt from bind prior to using PDNS, but now that you explain
it this way I remember upgrading between bind versions and transfers
work with one version and not the new version. It was a very long time
ago so details are a bit hazy.


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