[Pdns-users] Frontend for PowerDNS ?!

AJ McKee aj.mckee at druid-dns.com
Thu Dec 20 01:55:03 UTC 2007

Hi All,

We have been working on a frontend for PDNS for sometime now and gone 
through several betas with our customers. Some of the functionality has 
been delayed or is not suitable for public consumption.

However given our use of PowerDNS, it is about time we contributed 
something back to the community, so we will undertake to build a 
community version of our management suite and release it under a GPL 
licence. We don't have a project page or anything setup at the moemnt, 
however if you want to mail me off list with you suggestions for 
features, we will consider adding them to the first build or to schedule 
them in subsequent builds. At present we will only be able to support 
SQL backends but will endevour to build LDAP functionality in the future 

We will close submissions on the 20th of January 2008 18:00 GMT and 
commit to a inital beta for release on the 17th March 2008 18:00 GMT.

While we realise that there are several interfaces out there for Power 
DNS, we do believe there is room for one more.

It is our hoped that together we can relase a product that will satisfy  
your needs and contribute in a meaningful way back to the PDNS community.


 Joseph Dobransky wrote:
> PowerAdmin is probably the best out of the bunch. Problem I ran into 
> is that it turns into quite the little turtle when the domain count is 
> higher than 1k. Also, I think the user features / functions could be 
> seriously overhauled.

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