[Pdns-users] PowerDNS Training & Documentation Survey

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Mon Aug 13 19:54:03 UTC 2007

Dear PowerDNS Users,

PowerDNS use continues to increase around the world, with millions of
domains and end-users being shifted to our nameserver products every month.

Because of the substantial growth in PowerDNS use, the PowerDNS company is
considering making training materials available, and organizing PowerDNS

The actual courses might be organized in Europe and in the US, while the
training material can be used to educate PowerDNS users without attending a

We have four questions for you, and we ask you to answer them both if you DO
have an interest or in case you do not have an interest. This helps us get a
correct impression of the demand for PowerDNS Training. If needed, please
ask your team leader or supervisor what he or she thinks.

1) Would you or your organization be interested in attending formal PowerDNS
training courses, with a 'PowerDNS Certified Professional' certificate? 

2) If you would, which of the following courses would interest you:
	PowerDNS Core Curriculum:
	PowerDNS Fundamentals
	PowerDNS Installation and Maintenance
	PowerDNS Operations 
	PowerDNS Development

3) Would you or your organization be interested in ordering training
materials for your own use, without attending a PowerDNS Course?

4) Do you think the documentation on http://doc.powerdns.com suffices to
use, operate and maintain a PowerDNS installation, without any further

Please answer this message via email to me while retaining the subject
'PowerDNS Training Survey'. Please do not answer to the mailing list!

We will let you know the conclusions we draw from your responses.

Many thanks,

Bert Hubert

http://www.PowerDNS.com      Open source, database driven DNS Software 

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