[Pdns-users] Re: How Do SPF records work in PDNS? ( begionner)

Julian Mehnle julian at mehnle.net
Sat Nov 18 20:32:18 UTC 2006

Michael Loftis wrote:
> SPF is simply a specially formatted TXT record associated with the
> sending domain which states which A, MX, or IP's can send mail on behalf
> of that domain.  If you've got people denying mail because of no SPF
> record well you don't want to send mail to them anyway.  SPF is
> seriously broken in the face of *many* everyday applications, including
> mailing lists, and remote dialup users.

I don't want to make this into a discussion about the merits of SPF, 
however, what you say isn't true.  SPF has no problems whatsoever with 95% 
of all mailing lists.  The problem that SPF has is with alias-style 
forwarding (where the forwarder simply forwards the mail with the MAIL 
FROM identity unchanged).  Almost all mailing lists do rewrite the MAIL 
FROM when distributing messages, so there isn't any problem.

About remote dial-up users, I assume you are complaining that they can no 
longer use SPF-protected domains for sending mail directly from their 
dial-up connections.  All I can say to that is, well, that this is exactly 
the point of SPF.  SPF gives owner controls over who can use their domains 
in e-mail.  Complain to them, not to SPF.  Don't shoot the messenger.

To learn more about SPF and correct their misconceptions, I recommend that 
people actually read the SPF website[1] instead of propagating myths.

> Now if you *have* an SPF record (which again is *NOT* a type of DNS
> record at all, it's a TXT record) and that SPF record is *wrong* I can
> see some net.kook's denying mail based on that.

Right.  Whatever.

 1. http://new.openspf.org

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