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Juergen Ilse powerdns at usenet-verwaltung.de
Thu Nov 23 22:27:21 UTC 2006


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> From: "Richard Mayhew - Nashua Mobile Broadband Division"
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> Subject: [Pdns-users] DNS Round Robin
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> Hi,
> I have a question regarding PowerDNS and DNS Round Robin/Load Balancing.
> I noticed after adding 2 CNAME entries in a domain with the same
> hostname, neither would resolve to an address. 
> Does PowerDNS support the basic RoundRobin function?
I think, powerdns supports "basic RoundRobin", but IIRC is it not allowed
to have a CNAME RR and an additional other RR for the same Name ...

> eg.
> vpn        IN        CNAME        host1.dyndns.org.
> vpn        IN        CNAME        host2.dyndns.org.

Here, you have more than one CNAME RR for the same name. Bind9 in default
configuration will also reject a zone, when these entries are part of the
zonefile (the error-message will be "CNAME and other DATA" or something
similar). If there is a CNAME RR for a name, there really shouldn't be
*any* *other* Record for this name (neither CNAME nor NS nor MX nor any
other Records: CNAME is an "alias" for another Name,all other records
for this host should be for the name, the CNAME RR points to).

	Juergen Ilse			(juergen at usenet-verwaltung.de)

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