[Pdns-users] Notify Options

Simon Pearce sp at http.net
Wed Nov 22 15:10:21 UTC 2006

I was reading the RFC 1996 about the notify mechanism of DNS servers and
i was wondering if this is possible with powerdns

Notify Set      set of servers to be notified of changes to some
                   zone.  Default is all servers named in the NS RRset,
                   except for any server also named in the SOA MNAME.
                   Some implementations will permit the name server
                   administrator to override this set or add elements to
                   it (such as, for example, stealth servers).

I would like to override the set of slave server that will be notified
of a zone update. Because my slave servers are updated through mysql
replication. Is there a way of just setting one server to be notified
without touching the other slaves for the a certain zone.

Thanks Regards


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