[Pdns-users] Windows 2003 Secondary

Lee Mehlhorn zoom at ubernet.ca
Tue Nov 14 22:21:28 UTC 2006

    Just wondering if anyone else has any experience using a Windows 
2003 server for a Secondary when using PowerDNS (2.9.20) as the 
Primary?  I seem to be having strange problems on the Window 2003 server 
machine with zone transfers.  If I try to initiate a "Transfer From 
Master" using the Windows DNS management interface the zone doesn't seem 
to transfer.  I've also noticed that in some zones I can't even view the 
record because I get the message "Zone Not Loaded by DNS Server".  I 
have allow-axfr-ips set to the ip address of my secondary dns server and 
I have disable-axfr=no.  Any ideas ????

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