[Pdns-users] Power DNS & MySQL Versions 5

Nico van Royen nico at van-royen.nl
Tue May 30 21:14:18 UTC 2006


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Subject: [Pdns-users] Power DNS & MySQL Versions 5

I have this setup as well, but it works poorly. Sorry to hijack the
thread here, I recently wrote in but I think it was regected as I was
not signed up as a member yet.

The problem I am having is:

May 30 09:13:53 HOSTNAME pdns[6621]: Backend error: Failed to execute
mysql_query, perhaps connection died? Err=1: MySQL server has gone
We are also considering to use MySQL 5 (in a large cluster configuration) in conjunction with CentOS/RHEL 4.x. to host the pdns database (a dedicated sql cluster).

Is support for mysql 5 with pdns indeed not to be adviced (or not yet) and would we (and others) be better of with mysql 4?

Nico van Royen
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