[Pdns-users] Power DNS & MySQL Versions 5

Garland, Ken R garlandkr at gmail.com
Tue May 30 19:57:13 UTC 2006

Jeremy May wrote:
>AJ McKee wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I am considering updating the database servers to MySQL version 5.0 (Or 5.1
>> which is in beta now but should be production by the time we get around to
>> it.). Currently we use Red Hat Enterprise 4, MySQL 4 and source built PDNS
>> instances configured with the gmysql backend.
>> Has anyone had any problems running Power DNS with MySQL 5, or would you
>> care to share your experience.
>> Thanks in advance
>> AJ
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>i currently use mysql 5 (backports on debian) with powerdns and the
>gmysql backend and it works great!.

I have this setup as well, but it works poorly. Sorry to hijack the
thread here, I recently wrote in but I think it was regected as I was
not signed up as a member yet.

The problem I am having is:

May 30 09:13:53 HOSTNAME pdns[6621]: Backend error: Failed to execute
mysql_query, perhaps connection died? Err=1: MySQL server has gone

I've set wait_timeout = 60000 in my.cnf but still getting this error.
The last successful query was well over 16 hours (60000, roughly) so
it was past the timeout period. However, in production this is just
not acceptable. What if there are no queries in that time, do I have
to manually reset the server everytime or set the timeout to infinity.
How to bypass this timeout feature and what is the point of it. It
really makes no sense as you want a service available 24/7, that is
the point of running these services. I've never had to deal with this
problem, shouldn't the pdns daemon have some sort of refresh
rec-connect switch built-in that allows it to establish a connection
when needed, or just connect without timeout.

I'm running Ubuntu Dapper 6.06 with MySQL 5.

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