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Nico van Royen nico at van-royen.nl
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Nico van Royen wrote:

> Our concern is that we expect 5000 dns changes per second (possible more in the future).
> The DNS servers are supposed to be authorative for an entire .tld as well as recursive.
>  meaning that each dns server should query its (slave) sql server for  all queries (and recurse when needed) while the (slave) sql server  should also be synced to the master database.
> Replicating the master SQL database to over 10 slave sql servers would lead to quite some overhead in our expectations. 

We had non-technical issues with replicating SQL so we opt'd to do an 
SQL dump on the primary server and then have a patch/diff system in 
place and then bzip the base file + patch then recombine it at the other 
  This would mean you not have 'realtime' updates.  I doubt you do  this 'update' every minute.  With a large database if would even  take several minutes to complete the dump -> compress -> copy  -> uncompress -> patch.  We do need it (near) realtime  updates.
  Nico van Royen
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