[Pdns-users] Second PowerDNS Recursor 3.1 prerelease available

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Fri May 12 20:54:50 UTC 2006

Ok, more changes were needed than anticipated, which necessitates another
pre-release. This release appears to be holding up very well.

Download at:




An instance of this nameserver is running on 2001:888:1036:1::1 should you
need an IPv6 nameserver :-)

Bugs fixed since 3.1-pre1:

 * The top-remotes would list remotes duplicately, once per source port.
   Discovered by Jorn Ekkelenkamp, fixed in commit 827

 * Default allow-from allowed queries from fe80::/16, corrected to
   fe80::/10. Spotted by Niels Bakker, fixed in commit 829

 * While PowerDNS blocks failing queries quickly, multiple packets could
   briefly be in flight for the same domain and nameserver. This
   situation is now explicitly detected and queries are chained to
   identical queries already in flight. Fixed in commit 833 and commit

Improvements since 3.1-pre1:

 * allow-from IPv4 netmasks now automatically work for IP4-to-IPv6 mapped
   IPv4 addresses, which appear when running on the wildcard :: IPv6
   address. Lack of feature noted by Marcus 'darix' Rueckert. Fixed in
   commit 826.

 * Errors before daemonizing are now also sent to syslog. Suggested by
   Marcus 'darix' Rueckert. Fixed in commit 825.

 * When launching without any form of configured network connectivity,
   all root-servers would be cached as 'down' for some time. Detect this
   special case and treat it as a resource-constraint, which is not
   accounted against specific nameservers. Spotted by Seth Arnold, fixed
   in commit 835.

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