[Pdns-users] 61 kbyte separate package of the most current powerdns recursor

bert hubert bert.hubert at netherlabs.nl
Mon Mar 27 14:34:35 UTC 2006

On Mon, Mar 27, 2006 at 09:33:18AM -0500, John Nelson wrote:
> It sounds like it is, but would you consider this separate release safe to
> put on a production server?  

First, if you downloaded pdns-recursor.tar.bz2 already, you need to do so
again, it changed in important ways.

This tarball is currently being rolled out in production and there are a few
(small) nits. However, the version that is currently online on
http://svn.powerdns.com/pdns-recursor.tar.bz2 (which is a lot bigger, 102kb
because of FreeBSD issues) is known to be the best pdns recursor released

So, if you currently run the pdns recursor, this version should be lots
better than what you are running now.

If you are currently *happily* running something else, you are probably
better off waiting a day or two.

If you are currently running something else but it has shown issues, then
this tarball should be a good bet.

I'll do a bells-and-whistles release somewhere this week, with freshmeat and

I hope this clarifies the nature of this separate release enough.

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