[Pdns-users] Master/Slave operations?

Christopher Arnold chris at arnold.se
Sat Mar 25 21:24:37 UTC 2006

Hi all,

i have some trouble understanding how to use powerdns in either master 
and/or slave operations.

I have two nameservers, ns1 and ns2. These are replicated by mysql so 
master/slave handling isn't neccesary here.

But how do i configure pdns to allow a third server, ns3. As either 
master or slave?

Slave case:

Should be easy i only enable slave operation in the configuration file?

If i enable slave support in both ns1 and ns2 they will keep querying 
each other for slave updates?

So perhaps i should only enable slave support on one of my servers?

If i for example configure ns1 with master support and ns2 with slave 
support. In this case ns2 will query ns1 for changes once in a while.

(But could there be a race condition here if mysql replication lags?)

The (mysql master) pdns server if configured as a slave will update its 
tables from ns3 and this data vill then be replicated to the other.

Is this the correct way of doing things?

Master case:

Same problems here really with both pdns servers trying to update 
each other. So should i only enable master operations on one server?

(And could the same race condition pop up here?)

My idea of an implementation:

ns1 wich is the mysql master is configured for slave operations only.

ns2 wich gets replicated from ns1 should be configured for master 
operations only and in charge of notifying ns3 about changes.

Am i on the right track? Is there any other considerations?


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