[Pdns-users] Re: Extremely slooooow pdns

Olly Butterfield olly at gyron.net
Wed Mar 15 11:59:00 UTC 2006

> > I've been having some real issues with powerdns today, 
> everythign was 
> > working fine until I did inserted 16000 entries into the 
> records table.
> > After a couple of reboots though, I'm still getting this.
> > 
> Mar 09 17:43:57 Creating backend connection for TCP Mar 09 
> 17:45:57 gmysql Connection succesful
> Too long. Maybe your database server lacks dns? :)
> skip-name-resolv in my.cnf or another dns-server for you 
> Databaseserver.

This issue was resolved when our secondary nameserver (which was offline
for a completely different reason) came back up. Very odd, and I'm not
going to look to closely at it, because I'm pretty sure that I'll not
like what I find ;)

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