[Pdns-users] Extremely slooooow pdns.

Olly Butterfield olly at gyron.net
Thu Mar 9 18:44:31 UTC 2006

Hi All

I've been having some real issues with powerdns today, everythign was
working fine until I did inserted 16000 entries into the records table.
After a couple of reboots though, I'm still getting this.

# /etc/init.d/pdns monitor
Mar 09 17:27:20 This is a standalone pdns
Mar 09 17:28:41 UDP server bound to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:53
Mar 09 17:30:17 TCP server bound to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:53
Mar 09 17:33:05 PowerDNS (C) 2001-2005 PowerDNS.COM
BV (Jan 22 2006, 21:13:25, gcc 4.0.2) starting up
Mar 09 17:35:05 PowerDNS comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free
software, and you are welcome to redistribute it according to the terms
of the GPL version 2.
Mar 09 17:38:01 DNS Proxy launched, local port 56569, remote
% Mar 09 17:40:02 Launched webserver on xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8081
Mar 09 17:42:16 Master/slave communicator launching
Mar 09 17:43:57 Creating backend connection for TCP
Mar 09 17:45:57 gmysql Connection succesful
Mar 09 17:48:52 gmysql Connection succesful
Mar 09 17:50:53 All slave domains are fresh
Mar 09 17:53:28 About to create 3 backend threads for UDP
Mar 09 17:55:08 No master domains need notifications
Mar 09 17:58:02 Done launching threads, ready to distribute questions
Mar 09 18:00:42 gmysql Connection succesful
Mar 09 18:04:06 gmysql Connection succesful
Mar 09 18:06:06 gmysql Connection succesful
Mar 09 18:08:43 Distributor misses a thread (2<3), spawning new one
Mar 09 18:10:23 gmysql Connection succesful
Mar 09 18:12:59 5015 questions waiting for database attention. Limit is
5000, respawning

It takes for ever to start up and then at the end it just exits. It
looks to me like there's a db issue given the "5015 questions waiting
for database attention" but the gmsql connections are successful.

Any help would be much appreciated. I'm kind of clutching at straws here
though, on the last reboot of the server, it took 30 minutes to run
through init, so it's behaving pretty oddly anyway.

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