[Pdns-users] Domain is stale

bsd at de.clara.net bsd at de.clara.net
Fri Jun 23 11:39:28 UTC 2006

Hi Bert,

bert hubert schrieb:
> On Fri, Jun 23, 2006 at 09:07:16AM +0200, bsd at de.clara.net wrote:
>> we're running a powerdns setup with native and slave domains. We have
>> the problem, that very much domains doesn't reload. In the logs, there
>> are entries like Domain ... is stale master, serial 2006060901, our
>> serial 2006031504. Why don't these domains reload? pdns_control retrieve
>> only helps sometimes. The backend we use is mysql 4.0.27 with innodb. OS
>> is FreeBSD 6.1, powerdns version is 2.9.20.
> Hi "BSD",
> Can you show us the exact logging? Feel free to obscure IP addresses and
> domains of course.
pdns[77216]: Domain foo is stale, master serial 2004062217, our serial
> When it doesn't help, does it never help, no matter how many times you try? 
I tried again with "while true; do pdns_control retrieve domain; done

1 minute later, it works:
pdns[77216]: AXFR started for 'foo', transaction started
pdns[77216]: AXFR done for 'foo', zone committed

Could it be a database problem? The db runs on the same machine.


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