[Pdns-users] Using AXFR vs. Mysql Replication

Duane duane at e164.org
Thu Jun 22 20:46:00 UTC 2006

Max Clark wrote:

> Can anyone point me to a howto or give configuration advise for what
> we want to accomplish?

I have nothing against PDNS and we happily use it as a primary master, 
however we ran into some pretty big problems with zone transfers and we 
aren't able to run mysql replication due to non-technical reasons.

We are sort of doing something similar, however there is a better option 
then even what we're doing at present and are planning to get round to 
upgrading at some point.

I'll explain it rather then confusing things by including our current 

Firstly grab the tinydns tools, you do this to dump out all zones on the 
local machine to a flat file. Then using rsync have the remote machines 
check for updates periodically.

You will need to use some kind of shell script, I tend to use PHP, to 
compare the current SOA of your master(s) against the remote 
installations. Any changes you simply trigger rsync to update, we've 
tried a number of secondary options and so far tinydns has been the best 
option for us since it uses flat files and is able to cope with large 
amounts of requests per second. Something neither bind nor PDNS/MySQL 
can cope with.

The above method can be locked to specific IPs etc and can be compressed 
and run over SSL so the zone can't be sniffed over the wire during a 
transfer, and like mysql replication only changes are transferred.


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