[Pdns-users] pdns_server won't start at reboot on freebsd 6.1

Marko Kobal marko.kobal at email.si
Wed Jun 7 05:38:27 UTC 2006


>> root# ls -ld /tmp
>> drwxrwxrwt  9 root  wheel  512  7 jun 03:04 /tmp
>> root# ls -la /tmp/mysql*
>> srwxrwxrwx  1 mysql  wheel  0  6 jun 19:15 /tmp/mysql.sock
> Aehm. Whe is /tmp/mysql_system.sock? Why will pdns_server connect
> mysql on /tmp/mysql_system.sock?

Dimitrij, this conf is from the other server (I mentioned this in one of the posts) -> I wanted to eliminate the problems with dual mysql deamons and custom mysql configuration so I tested this on antoher server where single MySQL deamon wich runs with generic configuration and there is the same problem with pdns_server that won't start at reboot!

Kind regards, Marko Kobal.

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