[Pdns-users] CNAMEs and recursion

Martijn Grendelman martijn at pocos.nl
Tue Jul 11 13:22:50 UTC 2006


Today I ran into something that puzzled me, and a lot of Googling didn't 
give me any definitive answer.

Some of my DNS zones contain CNAME records, that point to hosts in other 
domains, that this server is not authoritative for. Recursion is 
disabled for the world.

Now, when I query the server for one of those records, with 'RD' 
(recursion desired), I get a SERVFAIL. If I query without RD, I get just 
what I expect, being the CNAME data.

I know this technically isn't a real problem, but still... Is it 
possible to configure PowerDNS (running 2.9.20) to respond with any 
available data instead of SERVFAIL when recursion is needed but not 
allowed? Or are there good reasons (RFC or otherwise) to not want to do 


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