[Pdns-users] [LdapBackend] Ldap connection closed

Norbert Sendetzky norbert at linuxnetworks.de
Sat Feb 25 14:04:34 UTC 2006

Hi Tomas

> we are using pdns 2.9.19 with ldap backend.
> Whenever I do:
> > dig @pdns_server
> I can see this in pdns logs:
> [LdapBackend] Request for reverse zone AXFR, but this is not supported
> in strict mode
> Backend error: Backend error trying to determine magic serial number of
> zone ''
> [LdapBackend] Ldap connection closed
> [LdapBackend] Ldap connection succeeded

The problem is that pdns throws an exception in the default implementation of 
getSOA() if the backend returns false for AXFRs - and it shouldn't do this 
because if there is a severe problem, the backend should throw the exception 
itself. I will open a ticket and attach the fixed code there.

> Note that localhost DNS record is present in LDAP and I'm running LDAP
> backend in strict mode:
> dn: dc=localhost,dc=xxx.yy,ou=dns,dc=xxx,dc=yy
> objectClass: top
> objectClass: dNSDomain
> objectClass: domainRelatedObject
> dc: localhost
> aRecord:
> associatedDomain: localhost

The request will be now ansered correctly but is not authoritive in your case. 
You should add a new "localhost" domain with a SOA entry like you would do 
for a Bind setup. Otherwise pdns will do six lookups per request in vain.

Best regards

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