[Pdns-users] Pipe Backend causes Signal 6

Steve Chapman swchapman at att.com
Tue Feb 21 14:26:49 UTC 2006

> I am about to take the plunge and try pdns myself and it will probably 
> be in a similar environment, but like Bert I am curious why this is

On Feb 21, 2006, at 8:30 AM, Steve Chapman wrote:

Bert said:
>>> I'm also trying to understand what you are doing exactly and if
>>> 'recursor='
>>> in the confguration would suit your needs better.

>> That's it!!  That's what I did wrong in my script!  I had the recursor 
>> set in pdns.conf to the corporate DNS proxy and the script also tried 
>> to resolve via the corporate DNS proxy!  Once I removed all references 
>> to the corporate DNS proxy from the script, the script released 
>> properly.  Now, it looks over the DNS request and if the hostname is 
>> in the list of Internet-only hosts, it routes the request to the 
>> Internet, otherwise it simply passes the request to PDNS like it 
>> should, and PDNS recurses the request to the corporate DNS server.

> My understanding was that this happens automatically if you use the 
> recursor feature. pdns does a lookup, and it if can satisfy the request
> it responds, else hands off to the recursor defined to handle it.

>What am I missing?

You aren't missing anything.  What I am trying to accomplish is a political
work-around, really.  We have a partner company that uses split DNS and
provided us with an address for a DNS proxy we could use to resolve their
hostnames.  However, sometimes the resolutions the proxy provides are
incorrect for my network and I have to poison my DNS server by getting the
correct IP from the Internet and becoming authoritative for that particular
host.  This works well until they change the IP Address.  I am using
PowerDNS to dynamically poison my BIND DNS server by checking the hostname
my users are trying to resolve, compare it to the list of hostnames I know
the DNS proxy won't resolve correctly, and then either get the info from the
partner or from the Internet. :-/ It's just easier for me to craft a
technical solution than to try to get this partner to change its evil ways.


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