[Pdns-users] PDNS recursor question

Sharan Harkisoon sharan at sharktek.net
Fri Feb 17 15:05:24 UTC 2006

Does the PDNS recursor have a quicker timeout than Bind?  The reason I 
ask is because a couple of weeks ago, our customers were complaining 
about not being able to get to 'sbac.edu'.  It turns out only 1 of 3 of 
their authoritative dns servers were working at the time, and the server 
that was working took quite a while for it to respond (the server 
reports >80ms latency and the hop count is quite high).  Oddly enough, 
bind was able to return a reply every time, and the pdns_recursor was 
failing sporadically.

Is there a way to tweak pdns_recursor in order to deal with poorly 
configured authoritative servers?

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