[Pdns-users] Strange pdns SOA results * 2

Christopher Arnold chris at arnold.se
Thu Feb 2 21:39:39 UTC 2006

First of all i forgot to tell you wich version of FreeBSD im running:

2.9.19 running on FreeBSD 5.4.

On Thu, 2 Feb 2006, Christopher Arnold wrote:

> im in the process of migration to pdns and have run into something very 
> strange. (My fix actually revealed an even stranger issue...)
> Im moving an domain from another provider and .se checks to see that dns is 
> corecctly setup before transfering the delegation to us. Thats a good thing.
> But:
> When i have the recursor enabled pdns ansvers with the SOA record of the 
> provider we are migration from. All other records get served from the local 
> database. Is this a bug or a feature? If a feature please explain why...
> (im makeing the query with "dig @ns1.infotropic.com frankpr.se soa" since the 
> .se zone dosnt get updated untill we get things right)
I just noticed that the zone frankpr.se had the following entry:
 	CNAME	web.infotropic.com

Since this isnt a legal entry i gave it a try to change to an A record 
instead. Switched on recursion and problem dissapeared...

Still a bit strange why it happend thou.

> Ok, something strange going on. So to fix this issue i tried to disable the 
> recursor. Now things get even more magic...
> When i query for the SOA value using:
> dig @ns1.infotropic.com frankpr.se soa
> I get the following answer:
> infotropic.com.         3600    IN      SOA     ns.infotropic.com. 
> patri.patrik.com. 2006011302 3600 3600 604800 86400
> This is the SOA record for infotropic.com!
> Yes frankpr.se has two NS records ns.infotropic.com and ns1.infotropic.com 
> but why does the SOA record get inherited from infotropic.com?
> This shurely must be a bug?
Same here the symptom dissapeared when i swapped the CNAME to an A record.

I guess these two bug imply that there is something strange hapening 
inside pdns that shouldnt. Or?


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