[Pdns-users] Re: Domains with binary (e.g. UTF-8) labels

Julian Mehnle julian at mehnle.net
Sat Dec 16 21:20:17 UTC 2006

bert hubert wrote:
> To encode utf-8 domains so that they work, use 'IDN'.
> See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internationalized_domain_name

I knew that, thanks.  That's NOT what I'm trying to do.

> > Is there a way for serving domains with binary labels with PDNS?  As
> > far as I can see, this is legal within the DNS RFCs.
> Read for example paragraph 3.5 of RFC 1035, which contains: "The labels
> must follow the rules for ARPANET host names." Others have interpreted
> this as not disallowing "high-ascii" in labels, but the author of this
> nameserver doesn't.

OK, that's an answer.  Too bad.  Thank you anyway.

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