[Pdns-users] mx failure scenario

gnu not unix gnu at wraith.sf.ca.us
Thu Dec 21 18:00:30 UTC 2006

Hi folks--

I have a problem with my parent zone (sf.ca.us), where they
are running powerdns (they used to run bind), and this change
seems to have resulted in my loss of email connectivity.

It seems that an MX query to the sf.ca.us (parent zone) powerdns
name server for wraith.sf.ca.us is returning "not found" and
causing gmail (among others) to fail in email delivery.

I have gone over my (bind) namserver configuration and all seems
well. My bind nameserver config hasn't changed. 

The interesting thing is that I can get email via dslrebate.com,
which is hosted on the same nameserver as wraith.sf.ca.us, where
the only difference is that the parent zone for wraith (the
sf.ca.us zone) nameservers are running powerdns.

The site admins can verify this in the mailing list logs.
I tried to subscribe to the list as gnu at wraith.sf.ca.us and
did not get acknowledgement. When I subscribed as powerdns at dslrebate.com
the email came through right away.

I suspect the ISP concerned has recently changed over to powerdns
(about two weeks ago) when my problems started with email. I
haven't gotten an answer when I asked them, though.

I suppose I could ask them to add an MX (more things to forget
if I change my mail server) or ask them to slave my zone 
(ugh, name servers that I don't control, wry smile).

Appreciate any help I can get in resolving the ISP's apparent
powerdns problem. 

gnu at wraith.sf.ca.us with powerdns MX problem 
powerdns at dlsrebate.com being used instead

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