[Pdns-users] Pipe backend problems with MX NS and SOA

Shawn Moore smmoore at stormpoint.com
Wed Dec 13 22:13:30 UTC 2006

I am having an issue with the pipe backend, below you will find a
snippet of the perl script.  The problem that I am having is that I
can't seem to get MX and NS working for just the domain test.com.
A/PTR/CNAME all work.  MX works if you query x.test.com, but not
test.com.  NS does not seem to work at all.  I'm wondering if it has
something to do with not having SOA, but I can't seem to find any
examples on getting SOA in the perl file so any help on that would be
appreciated as well.



----- START SCRIPT -----
                if(($qtype eq "A" || $qtype eq "ANY") && $qname eq "test.com") {
                        print "DATA     $qname  $qclass A       3600
                elsif(($qtype eq "PTR" || $qtype eq "ANY") && $qname
eq "") {
                        print "DATA     $qname  $qclass PTR     3600
 -1      test.com\n";
                elsif(($qtype eq "MX" || $qtype eq "ANY") && $qname eq
"test.com") {
                        print "DATA     $qname  $qclass MX      3600
 -1      15      mail1.test.com\n";
                elsif(($qtype eq "MX" || $qtype eq "ANY") && $qname eq
"x.test.com") {
                        print "DATA     $qname  $qclass MX      3600
 -1      5       x.test.com\n";
                elsif($qtype eq "NS") {
                        print "DATA     $qname  $qclass NS      3600
 -1      dns.test.com\n";
----- STOP SCRIPT -----

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