[Pdns-users] Configure pdns to not provide version information?

Brandon Checketts brandonc at webpipe.net
Wed Dec 13 16:48:16 UTC 2006

I'm just implementing PowerDNS and am very impressed by how straightforward it
has been.  I'm about to replace our old Bind servers with powerdns, and was
testing a few things and noticed that PowerDNS tells other server's it's version
number.  More specifically it says:

Served by POWERDNS 2.9.20 $Id: packethandler.cc 539 2005-11-11 11:17:47Z ahu $

Is there any way to disable or change this response without recompiling.   I
typically try to disable this kind of identifying information so that in the
event of a vulnerability, it's not obvious that this server is vulnerable.

Brandon Checketts

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