[Pdns-users] Problem retrieving SOA from slave PowerDNS

Tom Napierala tom at dba.ie
Fri Aug 4 15:24:31 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 19 July 2006 15:20, Tom Napierala wrote:
> Hi there,
> First of all, big thanks for this wonderfull piece of software, it's
> really impressing.
> I'm going to deploy PDNS as a slave server for my hosting
> infrastructure, especially because of it's auto-provisioning
> capabilities (superslave). We have several hosting servers which act as
> a primary servers for domains hosted on themselves, so it's really handy
> to have salve configured automatically.
> I successfully configured PDNS as a slave, set up superslaves and tested
> everything. It works flawlessly, but I have one huge problem. One of our
> registrars checks nameservers before registering domain. Check simply
> means retrieving SOA for particular domain from all NSs. While domain is
> pulled out of the primary nameserver, PDNS refuses to provide SOA for
> any hosts. It's strange, because I can retrieve any other records. In
> the logs I see:
> Jul 19 13:35:00 debian pdns[18182]: Not authoritative for 'domain.com',
> sending servfail to x.x.x.x
> This installation is obviously not configured to perform recursive queries.
> OS: Debian Sarge, PowerDNS - 2.9.17 (standard Debian package)
> Any help will be appreciated.

Anybody has an idea? Or maybe I did obvious mistake, if so, maybe somebody can 
give me  a clue?

Tom Napierala

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