[Pdns-users] Recursor 3.0.1 + RFC 1918

Frank Louwers frank at openminds.be
Thu Apr 27 08:08:16 UTC 2006

bert hubert wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 26, 2006 at 04:28:33PM -0700, Mark Moseley wrote:
>> If there's not a way to do this now, it might be a nice addition to the
>> long-term wish list, if there is one, since it's clearly not a high priority
>> request. Like an option called "rfc1918-forwarders" or something.
> More generally, it appears heaps of people would be enjoy the following:
> - ability to add a few hostnames to the DNS (for home/office use)
> - ability to add full zones to the DNS
> - ability to forward certain queries
> I'd love to have something like --serve-etc-hosts whereby pdns would export
> the /etc/hosts file, for example.
> Being able to block rfc 1918 from going to AS112 is a BCP I think these days
> so I'll have to implement it. Expect patches in a few hours.

Would be great! We use quite some RFC1918 space as well, would be very 
good to be able to do lookups for those!


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