[Pdns-users] Not authoritative for xxx, sending servfail to yyy

Lorens Kockum lorens-pdns-3987 at tagged.lorens.org
Mon Nov 14 10:36:50 UTC 2005

On Mon, Nov 14, 2005 at 04:56:36PM +0700, Truong duc Luong wrote:
> I plan to buil my own Name Server with PDNS. First, I sign up a Domain
> name (xxx) from DirectNIC. Next, I signup Name Server in DirectNIC and
> pointing xxx to this Name Server (ns0.xxx.com). Finally, I set up a
> zone xxx. I use gmysql and geo as Pdns backends.

You should have two name servers, you don't mention the second one?

> 1       xxx.  	SOA  	ns0.xxx. dns at xxx. 20051114 60 60
> 1 	xxx. 	NS 	ns0.ktvdc.com. 	
> 1 	xxx. 	NS 	ns1.ktvdc.com. 	

I believe your problem is that xxx != ktvdc.com.


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