[Pdns-users] qmail and powerdns 2.9.19

John Nelson jln at comspeco.net
Thu Nov 10 18:35:56 UTC 2005

I'm using qmail and powerdns 2.9.19 on another server, all running 
centos 4.2.  Before upgrading (running 2.9.17 pdns then), I did not get 
as many deferral: CNAME_lookup_failed_temporarily._ errors as I do now 
in qmail.

Are there any reasons why these CNAME lookups are failing?  To 
temporarily fix the problem, I've installed bind running localhost with 
our qmail boxes, and that seems to have resolved it.

I'm thinking that since qmail does not like dns UDP packets larger than 
512 bytes, maybe thats the problem?  Does powerdns follow the rfc here? 

Thanks for any help here.  I'd really like to be able to turn off bind 
running localhost and go back to using our powerdns servers for the 
qmail boxes.


John Nelson
Network Engineer

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