[Pdns-users] bind vs powerdns

Tavis Gustafson tavis at hq.newdream.net
Thu Nov 10 02:09:35 UTC 2005

Hello all.  We currently run bind9 on 3 auth dns servers, one primary,
two secondaries.  With over 100k domains, any time we do rndc reconfig
on master or rndc reload on secondaries, we get lookup timeouts of up to
30 seconds.  Even with staggering the updates on primary and secondaries
it's getting to be a real problem.  We are running on linux and we
haven't tried enabling threading since others say this doesn't fix the
problem.  We are considering migrating to powerdns with mysql backend to
get around the the problem  that our massive zone file is creating.

Anyone have experience running powerdns with a TON of domains?

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tavis at hq.newdream.net
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