[Pdns-users] Version: 2.9.17-11

Andreas Sokov andreas at j8.com.ru
Sun May 1 03:43:49 UTC 2005

Hi, guys.

I was installed new version of PDNS :

root at mama:/usr/src# apt-cache show pdns
Package: pdns
Priority: extra
Section: net
Installed-Size: 48
Maintainer: Debian PowerDNS Maintainers <powerdns-debian at workaround.org>
Architecture: i386
Version: 2.9.17-11
Depends: pdns-server, pdns-recursor

Tell me : the trouble with UNSIGN INT DATE Was again arised ? you don t forget inclide it
into new version ? or what is mean ::

Jan  5 10:36:39 mama pdns[1294]: Received NOTIFY for host-lux.ru from master, we are up to date: 2147483647<=2700000082

but this 2147483647 - must be 2700000084 !?!?!

Ñ óâàæåíèåì,
 Sunday, May 1, 2005 7:40:21 AM

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