[Pdns-users] Authority Question

Curtis Maurand curtis at maurand.com
Wed Jun 8 02:23:13 UTC 2005

You delegate a subdomain.

the record looks like:

domain.com   NS
sub.domain.com   NS
www.domain.com   A
www.sub.domain.com   (you don't care, you delegated it to


Michoel Kazen wrote:

>I have been reading up on all the archives of this list and can't seem
>to get my answer straight. I would like to know whether or not PowerDNS
>replies with the NS records in the authority section of it's reply - and
>if not is it possible to enable this. Currently, doing a dig for a
>domain name housed on a PDNS server, I usually only receive the SOA
>under the authority section (or so the client tells me).
>We are trying to delegate a part of a domain of ours, for which our PDNS
>server is listed as the authority in the root servers to a third party.
>We do not want to add a new zone, rather have the third-party answer
>queries for specific hosts and our server for others. 
>Essentially, we are trying to do something of this sort: xyz.com is
>registered with NS server ns1.xyz.com, any queries for *.xyz.com, if we
>have a matching record (e.g. www) are answered, otherwise return
>authority information - SOA & NS - ours and third party, which it does -
>but only the SOA.
>Would this be possible at all? When I add the NS records of the third
>party - in our server (and added the corresponding A records), upon
>doing a dig all I get in the authority results section is the SOA
>record. Queries for the domains the third-party servers answer, are now
>being returned as NXDOMAIN by our servers (understandable if the
>resolver is not aware that there are additional authorities for these
>records and we don't have them by us).
>I don't know if I'm 100% clear here, please do let me know if I need to
>explain myself better.
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