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Adam Long ajlong at worldlink.net
Tue Jun 7 16:57:58 UTC 2005

I've never done this with forward lookup delegation, but I am currently
delegation control over one of our class C IP blocks for reverse PTR lookup
to one of our customers by simply adding a SOA record and then two NS
records.  And of course those NS records point to the dns servers we are
delegating to.

The "name" column looks like:  100.168.192.in-addr.arpa
The "type" column is: NS
And the "content" column looks like: ns1.customersdnsbox.com

I'm thinking you might be able to change the name column to "yourdomain.com"
to achieve the same affect for forward lookups.

Just a thought ;-)

Hope this helps.


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Thanks everyone!

I was aware this was sort of a non standard way to do this. On the
flipside, is it possible that my domain xyz.com which I am authoritive
for to be delegated to a third party completely, e.g. if the root
servers have NS records for xyz.com pointed to ns1.xyz.com and
ns2.xyz.com, can I in turn delegate the entire xyz.com to a third party,
by way of adding NS records within ns1/ns2.xyz.com which point to
ns1.abc.com? I was having trouble with this concept as well. E.g.
instead of delegating a subdomain/zone, I want to delegate the entire

Thanks again, 


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Maybe you can allow recursion and point the recursor to the third party
server. Otherwise it's non standard way to solve your problem. What is
the problem with adding zones? That's way they exist.

Best regards,

Michoel Kazen wrote:


>I have been reading up on all the archives of this list and can't seem 
>to get my answer straight. I would like to know whether or not PowerDNS

>replies with the NS records in the authority section of it's reply - 
>and if not is it possible to enable this. Currently, doing a dig for a 
>domain name housed on a PDNS server, I usually only receive the SOA 
>under the authority section (or so the client tells me).
>We are trying to delegate a part of a domain of ours, for which our 
>PDNS server is listed as the authority in the root servers to a third
>We do not want to add a new zone, rather have the third-party answer 
>queries for specific hosts and our server for others.
>Essentially, we are trying to do something of this sort: xyz.com is 
>registered with NS server ns1.xyz.com, any queries for *.xyz.com, if we

>have a matching record (e.g. www) are answered, otherwise return 
>authority information - SOA & NS - ours and third party, which it does 
>- but only the SOA.
>Would this be possible at all? When I add the NS records of the third 
>party - in our server (and added the corresponding A records), upon 
>doing a dig all I get in the authority results section is the SOA 
>record. Queries for the domains the third-party servers answer, are now

>being returned as NXDOMAIN by our servers (understandable if the 
>resolver is not aware that there are additional authorities for these 
>records and we don't have them by us).
>I don't know if I'm 100% clear here, please do let me know if I need to

>explain myself better.
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