[Pdns-users] axfr problems with ldap backend

Norbert Sendetzky norbert at linuxnetworks.de
Mon Jun 6 13:04:40 UTC 2005

On Monday 06 June 2005 14:39, Tomas Brandysky wrote:
> Iam using powerdns with LDAP backend. I also allow everybody in our LAN
> transfer whole zone (do axfr) but I have found out that after few days
> of powerdns is running I get the error message when asking for zone
> transfer:
> besides I have to restart powerdns and everyhing goes fine for next few
> days. Does anybody has experienced the same problem ?

If the connection to the LDAP server is broken and the ldapbackend for AXFR 
throws an exception, it won't be recreated by pdns in version 2.9.17. You can 
find a patch against the pdns core on my web site to solve the problem or 
wait for 2.9.18 where it should be fixed by Bert.

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